Gents Barn at Boat & Fun fair in Berlin

26 November 2022

Of course, this year Gents Barn is again at the Boat & Fun fair in Berlin and has taken a seat behind the oldest restoration objects. Torben from Gents Barn meets here with the dear club members from Oldieboote Deutschland e.V. and in the end it was a great reunion and getting to know new members. One or the other colleague from the vintage boat industry was also welcomed. In addition, there were of course great classics to be discovered at the stand, i.e. beautiful Autoboote (i.e. German car boats form the 1920s) and rare engines. So once again it was worth it!

Gents Barn Consulting meets Bauhaus University Weimar

Participation at the Worldwide Classic Boat Show

Gents Barn at the Boat & Fun Fair in Berlin

Lake Tahoe Concours – reloaded!

Gents Barn on German TV

Our very own Tarz Speedster at the 2020 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance

Gents Barn wishes all customers and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Gents Barn at Boot & Fun fair as well as the Motorworld Classic in Berlin

TÜV HANSE & our Woodie – a great combination!

Gents Barn at Techno Classica Essen

Miss Persia at the Boot Düsseldorf

Legendary Speedster – our very own Miss Persia!

It’s shooting time again!

A castle, a test, a great experience!

Pack your bags, Ladies & Gents – Gents Barn @ “Rock around the lake”

Gents Barn & Ladies Cottage auf der Street Mag Show Hannover

Gents Barn-Photo Shooting

Off to the Münster Classics

The Topolinos are coming — join in and register!


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