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Gents Barn Consulting meets Bauhaus University Weimar

19 October 2022

Gents Barn is not only a small, fine classic car forge, but also a consulting manufactory. We were therefore pleased that Gents Barn Consulting was asked by the Hanseatic City of Stralsund whether its founder would contribute his personal, international experience in the classic maritime sector to the "Urban Infrastructure" project of the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Arkitektskolen Aarhus.

So it happened that last week Torben, the founder of Gents Barn, made his personal contribution to the latest urban development project in Stralsund in front of around 30 German and Danish students and teachers in English and Danish. Of course, Miss Persia, a 1936 Gar Wood Speedster, couldn't be left out.

Background: At the Nordhafen in Stralsund there is a scrap yard, an old cold store, storage areas and otherwise a lot of vacancies on about ten hectares. A new district is to be created on the wasteland around the old shipyard, which will use the location on the water and connect to the already renovated northern harbour with a long promenade. The program follows the idea of ​​the mixed city, with trade, services, housing, sports and tourist infrastructure. The new district is perfectly suited as a model for a new mobility - that's why the city of Stralsund decided to join forces with the two well-known universities.

There is a regional train station right on the southern edge of the north port, from which the area can be accessed on foot, by bicycle, perhaps with a shuttle and water taxis. The mobility concept is being created in cooperation with students from the professorship for transport system planning, which is also offering the project as a transport design. For the first time, the project was organized together with the Arkitektskolen Aarhus as a German-Danish hybrid. The design therefore began on site with a joint workshop and various presentations on the subject of maritime mobility, to which Gents Barn also contributed its experience.

In the next few months until the end of the semester, the students will focus on the so-called 5-minute city, on sustainable mobility, climate-friendly urban development and sustainable tourism with the development of a new quarter. Gents Barn stays in touch with the students and teachers and is happy to be part of this beautiful initiative.

A Tribute to real Values

The appreciation for quality, stylish design and authentic manufacturing are an attitude towards life. Just like the joy that comes from owning classic cars, acknowledging traditional craftsmanship, or collecting memorabilia from the past.