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Foundation of the ACBS Nordic-Chapter

23 April 2023

The time has come - after many months of preparation, Torben, the founder of Gents Barn, together with two of his good friends from Norway and Finland, will establish the very latest chapter of the ACBS, the world's largest association for classic boat fans: the ACBS Classic Boat Club of Northern Europe or "ACBS Nordic" for short. The aim here is to bring the various clubs and their members in the core countries of Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland (and later also BeNeLux) closer together and to connect them across national borders. From the middle/end of May the club will be available on its own website:

A Tribute to real Values

The appreciation for quality, stylish design and authentic manufacturing are an attitude towards life. Just like the joy that comes from owning classic cars, acknowledging traditional craftsmanship, or collecting memorabilia from the past.